Urgent Care

Urgent Care/Walk In Clinic Hours

8AM – 7PM Monday through Friday
9AM – 4PM Saturday*
1PM – 4PM Sunday*

*Subject to change on holidays

Urgent CareWhen to Go to the Urgent Care Center/Walk-in Clinic

Recent studies have indicated that as many as 50% of the most common diagnoses at emergency rooms could be handled more cost effectively at urgent care centers. Stomach pains, cuts requiring stitches, sprains and broken bones, major infections and nearly any other non-life-threatening condition is well suited for Valdosta Family Medicine’s Urgent Care Center/Walk In Clinic. We are also able to address many common healthcare concerns including burns, rashes, infections, allergies and minor lacerations.

When to Go to the Emergency Room

The ER is built for life-threatening cases. If your injury or illness is severe, don’t hesitate. Call 911 immediately or get to the closest emergency room. They staff a full medical team, including surgeons, to treat a wide range of medical conditions that require on-site diagnostic tests, surgical suites and 24/7 bedside care.